Monday, May 28, 2012

Target Practice...

I started 2012 with many goals. Number one to stop being so negative about well... everything. My job, where I love, having no money... I was just bogged down by complaining. The large goals proved too hard and I just fell away before January even ended.

I've decided to put some smaller weekly/monthly goals together in order to keep it simple and effective. And in a move a brilliance post about them so I am held accountable to someone other than myself. Why is it so hard to do things even though you know you'll be happier, healthier and positive? Truthfully I think because it just in fact is harder and none of us really want to have to think about how to live life. We just want to live it.

These are my new "mindful of life goals" I can't decide if that really means I'll be mindful of life or get a mindful of life. But I think the end result is the same.

Here are my goals for this week through the end of June 2012.

  1. Drink less caffeine. It's become my crutch. A bad one. Limiting myself to one a day and trying to make it tea or a less sugared up coffee.
  2. Stop giving in to people's gossip. I am not sty about the fact that work is number one on my shit list lately. Gonna work hard on not letting the people I dislike getting the best of me and gobbling up all bad chatter about them.
  3. Be more active. In lots of ways. Around the house, keep it cleaner and try not to get so bogged down that it's just us and no one cares if there's laundry everywhere. I do and I feel better when it's done. Just do it. Working out. It's fallen to the wayside since surgery and pain. But it's not an excuse. Modified work outs are still a work out. 
  4. Less shopping. I am a chronic "I'm sad and this dress will make me feel better" shopper. Truthfully it doesn't. Put the clothes down and go outside. It's better. (Maybe)
  5. Put the effort in. My poor fiance has been pulling the heavy load in our relationship and our life lately due to my grump slump. Time to show him I appreciate all his putting up with me by turning the tables. 

I know this post got wordy but I want to be held accountable to my goals. So your mission is to keep my ass in line. I'll keep you posted.


Kristin W said...

Great goals! I'm going to try and hold you accountable through all the complaining we do ;)

We'll just complain to each other and not burden the significant others!

Cyntia said...

have you ever heard of the book, the happiness project? It's one of the things helping me take a turn out of negative town. glad to know i'm not the only one looking for a fresh start!

Ylenia said...

good resolutions. keep on going and at the end of June, please write a post about how it is going!

Love, Ylenia from Longuette

Chandra MoMoMod said...

Glad I read this. I found myself in a complaining mode recently. It's really not a good look. I like that you blogged about your goals--it REALLY does help to keep you accountable.


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Great goals - could work on most of these